Sometimes I wait too long to make my lunch, and I turn into an evil Jekyll of myself, tearing through kitchen cabinets, greedily slicing off hunks of cheese, and messily assembling weird meals in a kind of delusional haste. Yesterday I had one such hunger squall, but managed to temper my monstrous cook in the kitchen by amusing myself with the construction of a little yellow and green sandwich.

Like many of these ill-planned lunches, I began with an idea that would be impossible, or ridiculous at least, to see through. Egg salad! I thought. I have too many eggs, a relatively fresh baguette, and some arugula. Sounds great. Oh, but no mayonnaise. Maybe I’ll make mayonnaise!

Right. As I boiled the eggs I looked up mayonnaise recipes and quickly realized that I was in no position to attempt it. But there was an attractive looking avocado batting its eyelashes at me from the counter. I thought it might be just mushy enough to take the place of the mayonnaise, and pondered for a moment mixing up an avocado-egg salad. A hideous brown slurry appeared in my imagination, like acrylic paint projects gone wrong in so many middle school art rooms. Best to keep the lovely items separate.

And so I went with layers. A striated sandwich of yellow and green. Here’s how to make it:

Step One: Slice baguette, slice avocado, build layer one on top half baguette.


Step Two: Slice hardboiled egg, build layer two on top of avocado.


Step Three: Top with arugula, drizzle lightly with olive oil and salt.


Step Four: Spread thin layer of peppy mustard (Coleman’s preferred for its extreme yellowness and bite) on bottom side of baguette.


Step Five: Smash together, assemble remaining ingredients into a tiny salad with olive oil and salt, and get chewing!